Leading as One, Changing & Saving Lives
The Power of Grace Foundation is a non-profit 501-C3 international organization dedicated to empowering, elevating and advancing the less fortunate around the world. This dedication is applied in all spheres of their lives, especially in these six areas of focus (Economic future and entrepreneurship, Education for professional advancement and youth preparation to leadership, Advocacy for full equality of minority and for Community Development, Decision making to participate in governance, Charity and solidarity to advance and support humanitarian causes). We strive for a strong transformational leadership which involves rethinking the role of leaders, and the future of young men and women in the world. The purpose of this is to improve the quality of life of the indigenous population around the world.

The Power of Grace Foundation is indeed on mission to make a tremendous difference in the lives of young men and women in our families, communities, and our nations around the world. We want to help those men and women realize their full potential for economic and professional betterment, which in turn will build stronger Communities. We want to be a role model for the next generation of young leaders empowered by the desire to help others succeed.

The Power of Grace Foundation is ultimately one in its kind, an international organization that embraces the compelling cause of a better future for young men and women in Developing Countries and around the world. We strive to use transformational leadership to impact in our community by providing innovative solutions to problems that are affecting our society. We therefore empower the next generation of young men and women to face up to the world challenges, and resolutely advancing men and women’s decision-making skills that shape the world future as its best agents for change.


To be one in its kind international organization that embraces and stands for men and women betterment. Supporting women and men of today and tomorrow to be the very best they can ever be in achieving their full potential, capacity, lifetime ambitions in every sphere of their interests, competences, talents, and to be the world best agent for change who dare to improve their communities and change the world for the best.


The mission of Power of Grace Foundation is to:

Elevating and advancing women to the full potential and fulfilling of their economic, professional, social, and community transformational leadership life

Making an enduring difference in the improvement of humanity by taking on real humanitarian challenges and delivering innovative efficient solutions and health programs

Engaging men and women to be the world’s best Agent of Change and powering outstanding inspirational role models, who assume mentoring the next Generations of men and women getting them equipped to be ready to meet the challenges of an alternative better future in our community, in our nation, and around the globe.

The bond of the best we can be is guided by:
1. Integrity
We believe in the accuracy of our actions. Doing the right thing even when there is no one watching over us. That’s why we carefully use our resources as stated to accomplish our mission.
2. Diversity
We simply believe that working with and for different groups of people equips us with better understanding of the cultural differences and life experiences of the people we serve.
3. Accountability
We strive to improve the quality of life of the people we serve thru the fulfillment of our missions. We maintain leadership, stewardship and quality using metrics to report to the public.
4. Dedication
We believe that our mission is a call from God. We strive to use the power of grace to empower children, young men and women around the world to achieve their impossible
5. Excellence
We will evaluate our outcome on an ongoing basis to improve the quality of our programs and result.
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We work where ever they need is identified. 8% of the world population lives in extreme poverty. We started America and Africa. Our plan is to expand in many countries in each of these continents such as Europe and Asia, and to eventually get to Canada.

Young men and women as we empower them to become leaders in their own communities
Children and families (health, hunger, education, and community connections)
Professionals– support and foster advocacy, decision making and leadership
  • Healthcare
  • Economic for economic future an entrepreneurship
  • Education for professional advancement and youth preparation to leadership
  • Advocacy full equality of minority and for Community Development
  • Decision making to participate in governance
  • Charity and solidarity to advance and support humanitarian causes



Leading as One, Changing & Saving Lives

Our commitment is to change, improve and save lives one community at the time, but our dream is to impact as many lives as possible all around the globe.



We are committed to achieve by:

Developing women better men as the core foundation of women transformational leadership and governance capabilities and nurturing. Supporting women to be as successful as they could be in life, highly skillful, qualified and resourceful to be in leadership and decision-making positions in their field or area of Interest.

Building high-profile qualified and experienced women and men business leaders, professional executives,community leaders, national and Global experts who drive Innovative changes in Local Economic transformation, Social Development,community National or International governance of development.

Advancing the cause of a better, greater Humanity in communities and delivering the most innovative solutions, response to the humanitarian or charity causes that resonate with our organization’s values and that helped make the world a better place for human solidarity and compassion.

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