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The Power of Grace Foundation is a non-profit 501-C3 international organization dedicated to empowering, elevating and advancing the less fortunate around the world. This dedication is applied in all spheres of their lives, especially in these six areas of focus (Economic future and entrepreneurship, Education for professional advancement and youth preparation to leadership, Advocacy for full equality of minority and for Community Development, Decision making to participate in governance, Charity and solidarity to advance and support humanitarian causes). We strive for a strong transformational leadership which involves rethinking the role of leaders, and the future of young men and women in the world. The purpose of this is to improve the quality of life of the indigenous population around the world.

The Power of Grace Foundation is indeed on mission to make a tremendous difference in the lives of young men and women in our families, communities, and our nations around the world. We want to help those men and women realize their full potential for economic and professional betterment, which in turn will build stronger Communities. We want to be a role model for the next generation of young leaders empowered by the desire to help others succeed.

The Power of Grace Foundation is ultimately one in its kind, an international organization that embraces the compelling cause of a better future for young men and women in Developing Countries and around the world. We strive to use transformational leadership to impact in our community by providing innovative solutions to problems that are affecting our society. We therefore empower the next generation of young men and women to face up to the world challenges, and resolutely advancing men and women’s decision-making skills that shape the world future as its best agents for change.


The Power of Grace Foundation was createdout of the compelling need to rethink women’s role leadership future in our families, communities and around the world. The organization was therefore founded to take leadership to trailblazing what we believe should be the Role, Place in future of young women in this era:
Elevating, empowering, advancing women’s potential to the full Betterment of:
1. Their lives and dreams
2. Capacity to serve, to change our communities and the world using transformational leadership
3. Inspirational role modeling to our new generation
4. Powerful economics successes and development abilities
5. Participating at the highest level in all the Spheres of our society governance

Few months ago, we realized that, poverty does not choose a particular gender. There are many children boys and girls around the world affected by poverty. These children basic needs are still unmet. The POWER OF GRACE, initially called the WOMEN OF GRACE, then fully embraced the mission of serving humanity by using that same mind set to elevate, empower and advance the lives of children, young men and women around the world.

These five areas of young Women and Men betterment are the core Focus where our organization is and will be truly active in innovating Solutions, developing groundbreaking initiatives, executing domestic and Global programs, serving underprivileged children and families, and servicing alternative better future for these folks around the world.


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