(Lead the change, Be the Change)

As member of the Power of Grace Foundation (PoG), we are chosen, anointed by God and led by the “power of grace” to be a blessing to others and to serve the most vulnerable. When a group of people stands for a common cause,working on projects to make their community and nations better, it’s a beautiful thing, an incredible feeling and reward for everyone involved. Being a PoG member is about leading by example, walking the talk, building relationships and improving the world through charity and empowerment, making greater impacts around the world, changing and saving more lives one community at the time. You can embrace this vision by joining us as an individual member, a volunteer, a donor or as a corporate member.

Rewards of membership

Whether you choose to join as a partner or become an individual member, you will be part of a great works to help children and their families, young men and women in your community and around the world. You will:

  • Increase the service capabilities and life-changing outcomes everywhere we serve
  • Empower others to succeed
  • Enhance your understanding on issues faced by developing countries
  • Participate in local and global advocacy activities.
  • Network with like-minded individuals around the world.
  • Share cross-cultural experiences
  • Build lifelong friendships
  • Get opportunity to learn business skills
  • Get opportunity for preceptorship in our partnership clinics
  • Receive discount at our various event
  • Receive discounted web TV promotional services
  • Receive reduced prices Web design consulting/building
  • Receive Discounted price for media promotion (advertisement)
  • Receive discounted price on postings (advertisement)
  • Receive Discounted price on web design consulting
  • Free newsletter


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