The charity and solidarity agenda to advance and support humanitarian causes in our communities and around the world. This program is definitely where the Power of Grace Foundation heartbeat. We design strategies, projects and programs children and their families, young men and women living in poverty or under-privileged on the serve area receive the appropriate attention to improve their health (which includes clean water, food, Medical) education and preparation for leadership and Entrepreneurship.

Area of focus

  1. The mosquito net Drive -Malaria prevention
  2. The Children outreach program in Nigeria
  3. Education
  4. Clean Water
  5. Primary Care services
  6. Christmas Tree celebration
  7. Hunger
  8. Healthfairs

Meet A Need Outreach (MANO) is a vision of Pastor Chris Isaac, lead Pastor at the Great House Altar of Fire to help the needy in the communities around him. He has been involved into changing the lives of many children and families. As the scripture rightly said: “HE THAT HELPS THE POOR & THE NEEDY HAS LENT TO GOD”. Proverb 19 vs 17.

Meet A Need Outreach (MANO) is a reach out and care arm of The Greathouse Altar of Fire Ministry to the less privileged, the weak and the neglected children of the society. Since the inception of MANO, so many lives have been touched, changed and lifted as MANO team visits the motherless baby homes (orphans)in a monthly basis. We provide food, pay school fees to some children (due to limited support), school supplies, gifts during holiday seasons, and a helping hand to families in needs and caring for these children. To us in the Greathouse Altar of Fire, the MANO program is God’s outstretched arm to the needy around us.

MANO on many occasions has paid many of the children school bills from various families whose parents were unable to cater for their families so as to alleviate the severe suffering in the society.

MANO supported family of five children, whose father died of a car accident. This was a gap in this family as the father was the sole bread winner of the family. MANO jumped in to allow the children to continue school, have food to eat, and provided shelter for months until they found the mother regain her feet.

CHINENYE: She is one of our children we care for from the motherless. school fee has always been taken care of since she got in contact with MANO when found out that CHINENYE’S father left the family for years and never returned until today.
A young man whose house rent was due for years but could not pay received a great help from MANO as his bills were paid off as he was almost going into depression. But thank God for MANO.

Esther was an SS2 student in CKOCKEM secondary school, in Lagos whose family had owed the school for more than a year. She was sent out of the school by the school Authority. Pastor Chris,through the help of MANO returned joy to the family as Esther’s one-year school bills was paid off and she returned to school.

On many occasions, men and women who borrowed money from micro finance banks for their small-scale business but could not pay back had their bills cleared through MANO reach out.

A parent after receiving a raw food from MANO after a Sunday service said, thank God for MANO because this raw food is the only I and the children will eat today when get home
In one of our services at the Greathouse Alter of Fire,MANO off settled a bill of an under graduate who could not get the certificate because of the outstanding school fees in college.

Financial assistance
School supplies
Food (Dry, Canned and Fresh Food)
Clothing (all ages, mildly use or new)
Household equipment
ADL- supplies
Medications + first aid supply

In collaboration with the Great House of Faith ministry, the Power of Grace Foundation will be reaching out to these children and families in need. Partner with us so together we can care for more children. There are many children and families that have not been touched yet. We want to do more as God leads us.