We are a group of young men and women of different backgrounds and of good morality. We simply believe that everyone has the potential not only to survive, but to thrive if the appropriate supports are provided. We aim to take an active stand in fighting against mental and economic poverty. We believe that “In our own strength and abilities we can sometimes do the possible, but God’s grace empowers the Christian to do the impossible” (Dr Larry Ollison. 2013)

Board of Directors

Mrs. Mireille R. Gorsuch

Computer Analyst, Geiko

Dr. Giles Lewe

Pharmacist PG hospital, Chairman, Board of Directors chairman.

Dr. Renadin Siagat

PhD, MEd, Respiratory Care Practitioner, Johns Hopkins Hospital

Ms. Agnes Quartey

Nurse coordinator Metro Homes, Inc

Dr. Laure B. Ndeutchoua

PoG President, Founder & CEO

Advisory Board

Ms. Agnes Quartey

Nurse coordinator Metro Homes, Inc

Dr. Nathalie Brigamo Alicheck

chiropractor and PT, injury care center

Mr. Frank Gosurch

PoG Advisory board chairman

Mr. Rock Ndeutchoua

Executive Director, SDM-1 STOP

Mr. Thierry Nappi

PoG Director of Entrepreneurship and youth program

Power of Grace Executive Officers

Dr. Laure Ndeutchoua

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Mrs. Edith Flore Nappi

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Berteline Ngounou

Chief of Finance

Mrs. Annie Malo Kamdem-Lewe

Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO)

Krystel Makoulo

Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)

Mr. Thierry Nappi

Director of Logistic and online marketing

Dr. Salifou N. Bishop

Director of Grant and Fundraising Development

Mr. Rock Ndeutchoua

Director of Community Relations and accounting

• Mr. Alain Pierre Ombanglil

Director of IT services, Web developer & Designer