Board of Directors

All our directors were carefully selected based on their experiences and willingness to serve. They all share our vision on making a difference on people lives, without distension of gender, or race.


Sr. Programmer/Analyst II

Best known in the Fashion World as Princess Romy, Rose Mireille (where comes the nickname Romy) Siewe-Gorsuch is Royalty, hailing from the beautiful village of Bana in Cameroon. Moved to France at early age to pursuit her education where she completed her master’s degree in financial accounting, undergraduate in computer science. She is a mother and a wife happily married. She held several responsibilities in Paris where she worked as senior accountant in Anderson Consulting, Responsible of the accounting department in Catherine Delannoy, contractor at Renault and Servair-Air France.
Although busy with her career, she fell in love with entrepreneurship and owned clothing boutiques in Switzerland and Paris where she successfully planned several fashion shows. Mrs. Gorsuch now lives in Maryland, working as a Programmer Analyst since 2000, she has been working in a Corporate in Washington DC as Senior Software Engineer in C#, Java, React.js , using Agile Development Process. She also continues to enjoy the Fashion Business.
During these years, she has been runway model, top Stylist and Fashion consultant. In USA, she opened a boutique for private sales and produced several fashion shows. She has been the Official stylist for Miss Africa USA for 4 years in a row and has also styled celebrities including the Founder of Miss Africa USA Lady Kate, the formal Chair Woman of ACCDF, Hope Sullivan (CEO of Sullivan Foundation), just to name the ones known in our community. She has also been one of the judges of Miss Glamour for Nagwa’s Boutique and for Miss Cameroon USA Pageant.
Princess Romy takes pride in her ability to multitask – she loves to be busy! Between works, fashion clothing boutique and stylist, the social responsibilities she is active member of Notables and All Cameroonian Cultural Foundation.
She loves her family, friends and enjoys travelling, dancing and playing Tennis.
Princess Romy has held several positions as a community leader by serving the Haut-Nkam community, ACCDF, coordinating the kids fashion show and as a board member in other organizations.

Dr. Renadin Siagat

PhD, MEd, Respiratory Care Practitioner, Johns Hopkins Hospital

Dr. Renadin Siagat is known for his ability to make things happen. He was born in Cameroon where he started his education. He is a father and is happily married. Dr. Siagat eagerness to learn has led him to have an extensive background in different fields. He holds a Master degree in Education (major in chemistry and minor in physics) from the Higher Teachers Training College of Yaoundé in Cameroon. He also earns a Master of Science in chemistry, a PhD in Organic Chemistry (Natural Substances) from University of Yaounde I in Cameroon. Dr. Siagat is also a graduate from Salisbury University where he received a Bachelor of Science is respiratory care. He currently practices as Respiratory Care Practitioner at Johns Hopkins Hospital (Children Center) in Baltimore and at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital in Washington DC. At the same time, Dr. Siagat is completing a PharmD degree at University of Maryland School of Pharmacy. He is one of the founders of the RUSA group. RUSA is a non-denominational, non-political, and non-profit group that promotes mutual aid and assistance. Dr. Siagat is deeply passionate when helping underserved communities and is ready to serve where and whenever the need is identified.



Dr.Chinyere Ekekwe is the owner and CEO of Chariss Family Medical Clinic and Med Spa Inc. and has over 26 years’ experience in healthcare. She is a National Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, and an alumna of the Southeastern University, University of the District of Columbia, University of Maryland School of Nursing, and Walden University. Dr. Chinyere graduated cum laude from University of Maryland School of Nursing and Summa cum laude from Walden University. Dr. Chinyere Ekekwe has training, certification, and a degree in obesity management, Medical Esthetic, and Advanced Botox and Dermal Fillers. She is the author of Development and Validation of an Adult Diet and Physical Activity Program in Primary Care Setting. Dr. Chinyere Ekekwe has served several years in state and federal government and has held several prominent positions ranging from Assistant Nurse Manager, Nurse Manager, and Acting Medical Director. She currently works as a Family Nurse Practitioner for the Government of the District of Columbia where she drives pleasure in providing excellent medical care to the Youths. She served in many community organizations and is a founding member for NANNPU-DMV.

Gilles Lewe


Dr. Gilles Lewe was born in Cameroon where he completed part of his studies. He is a father and is happily married. He is employed as a pharmacist supervisor at University of Maryland Capital Region Health in Cheverly, Maryland. He received his Doctor of Pharmacy from Notre Dame of Maryland University School of Pharmacy (2015). He completed his internship at Johns Hopkins Hospital from 2012 to 2015, where he was part of the medication history pilot project. It was such a successful project in reducing patient hospital stay that it created 3 permanent positions for qualified pharmacy technicians. Dr, Lewe is involved with the monitoring of pharmacy daily operation and development of new workflow to improve patient outcome. He is also responsible of the implementation of new clinical protocol and quality assurance in the pharmacy department. Dr. has a big passion to serve underprivilege communities. He has participated in planning and hosting of several health fairs and community program. His experiences in community health management will be great tool serve as the president of this board.

Mrs. Agnes Quartey


Mrs. Agnes Quartey was born in Ghana. She currently resides in Maryland and works in the District of Columbia. She is a mother, grand-mother and community activist. She has long years of experience in the field of disabilities. As an IDD nurse, she has developed the passion to care for person with IDD and underprivileged and underserved population. She is a strong advocate of individuals’ rights. Her willingness to serve as a board member provides the PoG with an unbiased and impartial perspectives on issues brought to the board for effective solutions.

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