Dr. Laure B. Ndeutchoua, Founder and CEO

Her story
Dr. Laure Ndeutchoua was born in Cameroon where she spent her childhood. Her call and vision to be blessing to others came while she was living with her uncle. She lost her father at the age of 9, leaving her mother with 6 children. Her mother (late) could not care for all her children and since in the tradition, “when a child fails, it is the mother’s fault, she did not want to get in trouble. Therefore, her mother decided to send her to leave with her uncle. Despite the fact that she did not live in a situation of poverty, she recollects and describes that time and situation as poverty according to her as a child, which she named today a Mental Poverty due to many personal experiences. She grew up with a deep appreciation of her live and believes that God has giving her a mission to empower others to succeed. Nobody chooses to be born in poverty, she states, as poverty can be mental or economic. Each human being living in poverty encounters personal experiences that defines their situation. She then made the promise to herself to carry on this mission by offering to orphans, underprivileged, abandoned, underserved, and rejected children, young men and women and their familiesopportunities to not only survive, but thrive as leaders of tomorrow.

“In our own strength and abilities we can sometimes do the possible, but Gods grace empowers the Christian to do the impossible”
Dr Larry Ollison. 2013

The Power of Grace Foundation is a 501 c 3 nonprofit corporation established in 2010. Initially registered as the Women of Grace, then the Women of Grace in Mission, my vision was driven by the her life experiences.
Founded, governed, and lead by dedicated people to assume the responsibility for redefining the future of young men and women in our communities, in our nation, and around the world. We simply believe that everybody has the potential to achieve if he/sheis given the opportunity to thrive.
The Power of Grace Foundation was born to a vision to be a catalyst organization that embraces and stands for girls and women betterment as the game-changing factor of women’s future: Women of today and Women of tomorrow.

The Power of Grace Foundation, initially called the Women of Grace since its inception has been guided by its founding Cardinal values of diversity and leads one single Mission with an international reach and a global agenda.

We are therefore, the face of diversity as we work at home and around the world with women, men, and children from all walks of life, across all the generations with absolutely no distension, nor discrimination on Race, religion,and sexual orientation to:
(1) ensure that young men, women, and our next generation get equipped with the knowledge and support to develop to the fullest extent of their human potential
(2) achieve their lifetime capacity and ambitions with the support, the resources, the programs and services of our organization.

Leading as one, One Vision, One mission, is the fundamental strategic orientation of the organization’s governance that breaks down what makes us, defines us , set us apart as an organization with a unique focus and value proposition.

The Power of Grace foundation, with the strategy “Leading as one, One Vision, One mission”, opens door to anyone interested in taking a glimpse or a deep dive about who we are, what we do, where and how we work, or the Cardinal values we stand for, could get all the inside that she or he needs to join us in the trailblazing and amazing journey to changing the future of young men and women: changing to an alternative better future that is possible and that we are making happen wherever we engage around the globe.

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